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A blog for and about people who are undergoing or have undergone an

organ transplant

. What I noticed when I was waiting for my Liver Transplant was that there are not many support groups dealing with organ transplant. There is a good one at the American Liver Foundation, and one good one on Facebook. There was very little for caregivers of people who were pre-transplant or post-transplant. What I found was sites for caregivers dealing with autism, alzheimers, dementia. These are also diseases where people have a very hard time dealing with the situation. Unfortunately the problems faced are different than going through a transplant.

I started this blog a few months after my transplant. Recovery from surgery was harder than I thought it would be and I had to take a break. I am much much better now. I have emerged on the other side of the tunnel and I am back online and here to help.

This site is an infant and will grow over time. I know people have strong opinions, especially about our own life and death. Let’s please not be mean, snarky, demeaning, etc. to others. If people want to have a forum to discuss the ACA or other topics, it will be put into place. Please, what happens on this site, stays on this site. And stay on topic.

So Come on in, sign up and enjoy a cup of coffee and relax.

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